I valori predefiniti per i parametri del client sono riportati nel file /etc/default/hurd-console:

# cat /etc/default/hurd-console

che genera il seguente output:

# Options to start the Hurd console.
# Set this to 'true' to run the Hurd console on bootup.
# The display driver, mandatory.  Either `vga or `ncursesw'.
DISPLAY="-d vga"
# The keyboard driver, mandatory.  Either `pc_kbd' or `xkb' from the
# console-driver-xkb package.
KBD='-d pc_kbd'
# The alternative xkb keyboard driver, as provided by the
# console-driver-xkb package.  It uses X11 style keymaps and supports
# different keymaps.  Possible options are:
# --keymap: The keymap to use. By default en_US is used. Examples of
# some other keymaps are: fr, us, de, dvorak.
# --keymapfile: The file that hold the descriptions of the default
# keymaps file. This file holds the description of all keymaps. This
# path should be relative to the path set by `xkbdir'. By default
# "keymap/xfree86" is used.
# --xkbdir: The root directory of the xkb configuration, by default
# this is /etc/X11/xkb.
# KBD='-d xkb --keymap it'

# The keyboard repeater.  Required for running X11.
# The mouse driver.  Optional.
MOUSE='-d pc_mouse --protocol=ps/2'
# The mouse repeater.  Required for running X11.
# The pc speaker.  Optional.
SPEAKER='-d generic_speaker'

che possono essere passati al client con la seguente riga di comando:

$ . /etc/default/hurd-console
$ console ${DISPLAY} ${KBD} ${KBD_REPEAT} ${SPEAKER} ${MOUSE} ${MOUSE_REPEAT} -c /dev/vcs

I parametri previsti per i drivers sono i seguenti [src:/hurd-20090404/console-client/]: